The 2018 Southern District Agricultural Show will be held on
Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July at Great Meadow Estate, in Castletown,
with the kind permission of Mr & Mrs R S D Riggall.

Entry Fees for the 2018 Show (subject to review in March)
Saturday Adults - £5.00, Under 16’s £1.00
Sunday Adult - £3.00, Under 16’s FREE
The agricultural and rural focus of the Show remains its core theme and this continues to be the driving force behind its organisation. We have the best of the Islands livestock, equine, canine, poultry and small animal exhibits on display at the Show, as well as farm and Garden produce, confectionery and crafts. The Trade and Catering platform is well established and many independent businesses can find an affordable way to trade and promote their business and local products.
Every effort is made to cater for the tastes and interests of the thousands of visitors that attend the event each year and our programme is constantly updated to reflect and respond to those interests.
More updates will appear on this website or like our facebook page for up to date information. All enquiries must be directed through the secretary.
Secretary: Mrs Sarah Comish, Awin Mooar, The Promenade, Port St Mary, IM9 5DG
Tel: 07624 494497, email